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Month: November 2015

Sage’s Copper Gone After A Great Struggle ?>

Sage’s Copper Gone After A Great Struggle


Copper-Gone-coverFind Sage Francis “Copper Gone” on Speech Development, exclusively in the UK. It took some time to think about how to make this announcement. After much thought, the back catalogue of Sage will be put together in this announcement. So the next thought that struck was to strike a deal with the webstore. For pre-orders, you will be paying just half the price. The album announcement has to be thought from the fan angle as well. Having borrowed the copies of the first Sage albums and tapes, Pip expected the response to be overwhelming and when the final records hit the stores it was insane.

Once it was done, Pip wanted Alan to hear this. Before putting the records on the shelve, Pip and Alan listened to the tapes repeatedly every word, pause, and even breadth. With more albums of Sage released, the developments were great. Alan had a liking for Personal Journals but left at it. It happens that once you fall for a collection of sings, you would not like to hear anything different. It is common and happens to every fan. So once the Copper Gone was done, and after he had listened, the buzz was insane. It was more like a follow up of Personal Journals and would not have been possible without living in that atmosphere.

By the time Sage turned out to be a good friend of Pip. The record is very personal to him, and he had to go through some tough time to bring it to this level. This may be sad for me as a friend, but again every art has their hurdles. But finally, Pip is happy for Sage as he had overcome his tough times and was able to bring out the record. Pip says he listened to Copper Gone 15 times since Sage sent it to him. Now he wants Alan to hear it.