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DVDs On Edinburg Fringe Festival ?>

DVDs On Edinburg Fringe Festival

a51a934ed6e6975040665b12782291aad36796b4Scroobius Pip is known for releasing something new on his birthday and this year is no different. This year would be far more exciting. The Edinburg Fringe show will make it to the marquee this year. A little history is deemed necessary at this point in time. Last year he was invited to conduct 19 shows at the Edinburg Fringe Festival. The festival has the reputation of being a comedy carnival and being a comedy expert this was something he always waited for long. The show was a grand success, with all the 19 shows turning out to be a huge hit, with tickets sold out completely and the reviews positive.

He realized after the 15the show that there was a lot of people wanting to see the show. It was then the idea of filming struck him. He called upon Thomas Cole who was with him since the beginning and also called Theo Davis another cameraman filming at the festival. So August 3, the show will be released. So, for those who have missed this show can find a way to enjoy Pip on DVD. Here the sound is awesome and gives you a closer feel. He wanted to give the DVD release a try. Whether it could tempt people to invest in the DVDs. So he did not stop with the usual and started to film a few extras. So, finally, there will be two DVDs all wrapped up in a special edition pack.


Talking of the extra what if it contains the interview with Tim Key on the maiden Edinburg Fringe experience or words with Musa Okwonga, polarbear or Kate Tempest. The thought of adding music videos for an introduction like The Struggle and Soldier Boy and Let em Come was also in the mind. So this could turn out to be a family affair. The audience can get ready to grab this DVD that is made especially for you.