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5 Most Popular Soundtracks in the 60s

The 60’s was an era of great music. Some of the most iconic and legendary singers lived through this period. This includes Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and James Brown. They have produced terrific music that is now considered classics. Some of the popular soundtracks during the 60s are still fresh in many people’s minds until now. Here are 5 of these soundtracks.

  1. Bullitt, Lalo Schifrin. This song creates a perfect jazzy blend. It also has an upbeat tempo which was most remembered for an epic 11-minute car chase in a movie. The 60s also saw some sexy jazz music combined with a cooler vibe.
  2. The Great Escape, Elmer Bernstein. Football fans will never forget this song. In fact, it is already an anthem to the biggest football fans of that generation. It was used for a military-themed score for a movie, and the result was just epic. The use of this song took the action scenes to an entirely different level. Bank holidays and boxing memorials also make use of this song even until today.
  3. The Jungle Book, Sherman Brothers. This was the first animated soundtrack that was deemed perfect. It moved away from the classical scores of Disney and infused jazzy music. This song totally changed the way people view animated movies during that period.
  4. Lawrence Of Arabia, Maurice Jarre. This song combines romance, majesty and glamour. Without a doubt, it was one of the most remarkable soundtracks during the 60s. The result was an epic Oscar-winning classic that people still love until now. The elements of the song were totally outstanding.
  5. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, John Barry. This was used for the 5th Bond film. Of course, Bond movies have always been a huge hit. There were various musical instruments used in creating this soundtrack, making it even more exciting. It wasn’t thought of as a huge hit at first, but it became a classic.

These soundtracks will most definitely remind you of the best movies of 1963. You might not have lived through that time in history, but those who did can remember just how wonderful those times were.

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