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5 Most Popular Soundtracks in the 60s ?>

5 Most Popular Soundtracks in the 60s

The 60’s was an era of great music. Some of the most iconic and legendary singers lived through this period. This includes Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and James Brown. They have produced terrific music that is now considered classics. Some of the popular soundtracks during the 60s are still fresh in many people’s minds until now. Here are 5 of these soundtracks.

  1. Bullitt, Lalo Schifrin. This song creates a perfect jazzy blend. It also has an upbeat tempo which was most remembered for an epic 11-minute car chase in a movie. The 60s also saw some sexy jazz music combined with a cooler vibe.
  2. The Great Escape, Elmer Bernstein. Football fans will never forget this song. In fact, it is already an anthem to the biggest football fans of that generation. It was used for a military-themed score for a movie, and the result was just epic. The use of this song took the action scenes to an entirely different level. Bank holidays and boxing memorials also make use of this song even until today.
  3. The Jungle Book, Sherman Brothers. This was the first animated soundtrack that was deemed perfect. It moved away from the classical scores of Disney and infused jazzy music. This song totally changed the way people view animated movies during that period.
  4. Lawrence Of Arabia, Maurice Jarre. This song combines romance, majesty and glamour. Without a doubt, it was one of the most remarkable soundtracks during the 60s. The result was an epic Oscar-winning classic that people still love until now. The elements of the song were totally outstanding.
  5. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, John Barry. This was used for the 5th Bond film. Of course, Bond movies have always been a huge hit. There were various musical instruments used in creating this soundtrack, making it even more exciting. It wasn’t thought of as a huge hit at first, but it became a classic.

These soundtracks will most definitely remind you of the best movies of 1963. You might not have lived through that time in history, but those who did can remember just how wonderful those times were.

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The Unlikely Ways Pop Stars Relax ?>

The Unlikely Ways Pop Stars Relax


According to research, lawn mowing can actually help relieve stress. It claims that the chemical that is released from the mowed lawn and the smell of the freshly cut grass gives that feeling of happiness and calmness. It may sound unbelievable, but a perfume has been developed to imitate that smell produced by a freshly mowed lawn. Celebrities who would like to relax may want to try mowing their own lawn to destress. This might be a weird way for them to relax, but according to research, it works, so why not give it a try right? Read lawn mower reviews and go purchase one that best fits your lawn maintenance needs! A mower is a whole lot cheaper than therapy sessions!

Speaking of weird ways to relax, there are celebrities who have unlikely methods of eliminating stress and here are some of them.

1. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is one of the stars of the reality TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She has faced several controversies and with the camera always following her around, things could get stressful at times. Aside from working out like a monster, there’s another thing that Khloe does to feel more relaxed and it’s arranging cookies on her cookie jars. If you’re watching the show, you wouldn’t miss the neatly and perfectly arranged cookies that you wouldn’t want to eat because they are just too pretty. She even joked on her site that her being OCD is a blessing and not a disease.

2. David Beckham

Speaking of OCD, this former football player also has this thing that in turn helps him to feel more relaxed. He shared that he liked having things in pair or in straight line. For instance, he would arrange the cans of soda in a fridge, but if he feels that they look too many then he would rearrange the others on a cupboard. Well, that would definitely be a plus for his wife Victoria Beckham since she wouldn’t have to deal with messy things, which by the way, is a problem on most husbands.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

He is a popular actor known for his films including Titanic, The Man in the Iron Mask and The Revenant. With his always busy schedule, you wouldn’t guess the thing that would keep this premiere celebrity stress free. Have any idea yet? It’s bee keeping! Leo started this hobby after being stressed out of all the talks and pressure of the Oscar awards. Although he was proclaimed as the best actor, the expectations of the people could have been very stressful on him. A source said that this hobby helped him clear his mind from all those issues and just stay relaxed. He is even said to have some hives on his garden, which he was personally looking after.

4. Justin Bieber

The Love Yourself and Baby singer is busy with his recordings, guesting, concerts and all other gigs. He’s always under the media’s radar as he is one of the most popular and controversial celebrities of this time. He could be under a lot of stress a lot of times, which could be why he would always go on vacation with friends. Aside from beach trips, he also has some unusual ways of keeping things chill. One is by playing the rubix cube. He’s not just good at it but he’s totally awesome that he could solve it within just a couple of minutes! There’s more. Well, this one is more unlikely as he also sprays paint on walls. He posted a photo on Instagram where he was spray painting a monkey. It was captioned “This is my escape”.

5. Ryan Gosling

He was a former Mickey Mouse Club member who became one of the most favorite leading actors. Some of his movies include The Notebook, Crazy, Stupid, Love and La La Land. He’s the husband of actress Eva Mendes and a father to their two daughters. Between his career and being a family man, a lot of things could be going on in his life and he would need some escape from all the stress from time to time. Good thing he found a hobby that you wouldn’t think a hunk like him would ever be interested on. The actor shared that he likes knitting and that he likes how he could get something out of it and that it could also be given as a present.

These are just some of the stars who confessed to having unlikely ways to relax. Who knows what even weirder things that other celebrities do to destress!

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What Technology Is the Future of Music Videos? ?>

What Technology Is the Future of Music Videos?

What technology is the future of music videos? The reality of the situation is that there are virtually no limitations on the technology that can be used or the things that can be done with it. For instance, people are already starting to realize the importance of holographic technology, especially in music. In some cases, they are even using the same technology to do what looks like a live performance, often involving musical artists that have been dead for several years. As if that weren’t interesting enough, it is also possible to use virtual reality in music videos, effectively making the individual watching the video an active participant. Drones, like the ones reviewed at Quadcopter Cloud, have also made their debut in the world of music video filming.

One thing is certain, the days of simply showing someone standing there in front of a microphone singing a song are largely over unless someone simply has a desire to produce a music video that shows nothing more than that. There is so much new technology available that it is possible to introduce computer graphics and other forms of technology to create something that has never been done before.

What does all of this mean for both the individuals producing these music videos and the people watching them? It largely means that everything has suddenly become far more interesting than it has been in quite some time. About 30 years ago, the music industry was taken by storm by the introduction of music videos that were considered to be cutting edge at the time. However, their popularity largely dropped off when it became obvious that the technology wasn’t really developing, at least not for a time. Today, all of that has changed and there is virtually nothing that cannot be accomplished through the use of technology.

Imagine having the opportunity to watch a music video that is three dimensional, where it looks like everything is literally coming right at you. Better yet, imagine being in a position to use virtual reality technology so that you can be in the video yourself, at least from your perspective. All of these things make the musical experience much more enriching and it also sets the bar at an entirely new level that far exceeds anything that has ever been done before.
When you really stop and think about it, there isn’t much that limits what a person is able to do in a music video these days. If it can be imagined, it can be accomplished. The best part is that it can look completely real, even when none of it ever actually happened. This is all thanks to the emergence of technological developments that have occurred in the last decade or two regarding things like the aforementioned computer graphics and similar types of technology.

The truth is, music videos are capable of taking you to a mystical world that only exists in someone’s mind and making you believe that you are really there. They are capable of eliciting joy, fear or a mixture of emotions that you would scarcely feel through any other means. The video is designed to enhance the feeling that you get when you hear the music. The use of new technology makes this a much more effective practice and it virtually guarantees that music videos will have a long-lasting future instead of being merely relegated to someone’s memory.

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What Is The Best Setup For Hip Hop Djs? ?>

What Is The Best Setup For Hip Hop Djs?

Many ask as to what is the best setup for Hip Hop DJ’s? Hip Hop djs are more focused on being traditional and using a complete dj setup while performing in front of audience. They can use DJ controllers for convenience, though it is not preferred by many Hip Hop djs. Their ideal setup includes turntables, mixer and CDJs. These days many DJs are even going digital and controllers like Serato are gaining popularity and acceptance among the Hip Hop circle.

Let usl talk about the perfect setup and the tools that you need for playing Hip Hop tracks in your next gig. Some of the tools may be optional for you depending upon your needs and preferences.

How to make the perfect setup for Hip Hop Dj

The most important things to start with are the turntables, mixer and DVS.

1. Mixer

Most DJ’s will need this. If you are going to use turntables or even CDJs, you will need to go for a good mixer. The kind of mixer required for Hip Hop style differs from other djs, and it is advised that you should go for scratch mixers. Hip Hop involves a lot of scratching which is not similar to a mix dj. To effectively carry out scratch routines, the mixer should have strong cross and line faders. The mixer should also be customizable so that they can integrate high performance faders. You can also consider the battle mixers available in the market.

2. Turntables

Turntables are not just for style statement. When they are successfully paired with DVS, it goes on to create more accurate and quick scratching effects. Using traditional vinyl turntables like Technics can make the audience go crazy, though it may not be very convenient in this digital age. This also brings upon the need of using a sound card. The vinyl turntables are still ruling the stage in Hip Hop and you can consider brands like Vestax, and Stanton.

3. CDJs

If you are using CDJs along with your setup, you need to make sure they are suited for Hip Hop style. You will want the option of manually manipulating with the music coupled with scratching functions. Look for CDJs which come with vinyl mode and digital options to interfere with the music any way you want.

4. DVS

Having a DVS with your turntables saves effort and enhances your performance as a Hip Hop dj. It can give you hands on control on your music and produces effects and mixes that can never be achieved using a laptop or just a turntable. You can do some research on brands though some popular names are Serato and Traktor.

Advantages of this setup

This specific Hip Hop dj setup makes room for flexibility and fast mixing. You can effectively control the cueing of your music as the faders are very light. The setup is very friendly and offers a great experience both to the dj and the audience. If you’re a hip hop DJ and are looking for a good set up, consider this one. It’s easy and it’s affordable.

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