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Repent Replenish Repeat Success Ratings ?>

Repent Replenish Repeat Success Ratings

danvspip_rrrshirt_01_LRG_1024x1024Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip, hip-hop from the land of Stanford-le-Hope. Dan Le Sac is a keyboard musician and David Peter Meads – Scroobius Pip is a singer cum rapper. The duo came together in the year 2006. The association started after Dan started to remix David’s work. The first album together Thou Shalt Always Kill was released in the year 2007 and topped the UK charts, taking the #30 place. This was not only popular but was commercially successful too. Since then the duo worked together to released two more albums reaching the Top 50 position.

Their third album the Repent Replenish Repeat was released in October 2013 and was an instant hit. The pair performed at the London Brooklyn Bowl in the year 2014. This attracted a lot of crowd gathering and was a great hit. The fan sites are rife of their tour and concert updates. For advance booking of tickets check out their website or go to their official fan website. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.

af7096b069d576350886e7783c32720eScroobius Pip and Dan le Sac joined hands to release the album titled Repent Replenish Repeat. This came up after a gap of 3 years, and the fans are highly excited about the release. The post is to update fans on the happening in the professional life of Dan Le Sac. The post has information on the social networking site and is highly informative. So do not miss it. So see what you have missed all the while. The free download of Stunner is available in video format. Check our free download. You can send the email, and the link will be sent to your inbox. Then it is just a click away.

The maiden single album hit the marquee; it is coproduced by Flux Pavilion. The singles are called the Gold Teeth. Stay tuned to the radio and keeps your fingers crossed. The video is getting ready and is all set to be released on the Youtube soon. Sign up for pre-orders and we will be ready to start. Orders for US and Canada can be taken from Strange famous and in the UK/Europe. Of course, the preorders are available on Amazon and iTunes.

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Get A Signed Copy Of Kid A EP ?>

Get A Signed Copy Of Kid A EP

airiel_signedKid A EP copy was made available on the merch stand. The copies are available on the website. This is a bonus by Dan Le Sac and is probably the last copies you can find of Kid A. If you want to get hold of some signed copies it is the only chance left. The good thing is it is signed by Dan and his girlfriend. The signatures made on the silver pen are a bonus for all diehard fans of the musician. Catch the bonus before it is too late. Get your copies fast to beat the rush.

The good news is that he will be signing those few copies left for the stores. So you can now pay your tax legally and grab your copy. You can find a store on sandbag website. They can make your booking easier. Get your copy and beat the crowd. Rapper Dan Le Sac writes on what his album is worth. The rapper ponders over the question whether the album is worth to the artists and consumers. The selling point is that it should be fair to the artists. But the definition for the fair is hazy. It is related to money. Artists feel that getting paid just a portion of the sales is unfair. But take Spotify it puts 70% of the revenue to the rightful holders and artists. So this is far. Also, remember, maintaining the servers, app development and PR are an extremely costly affair.

EP-151039976So Dan says that instead of complaining about being fair or not. Just think about the fact that someone streams your album, and you get paid 10p for it. Isn’t it a fair proposition. So coming back to the question what is the actual worth of the album. The worth is subjective. So the point here is the worth of the album cannot be quantified regarding financial worth. The music industry works as a whole. Remember than when a tenner is paid for the music you love, more tenners are paid for the album not loved. But at the end balance is created. The tenners are gathered to fund more albums, and this could turn out to be the next famous album.

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Interview With Dan Le Sac ?>

Interview With Dan Le Sac

danlepipDan Le Sac from the Reading University and taking up jobs at Reading Music shops, he started writing the hottest track in 2007, changing his life once and for all. Summer 2007 saw the biggest hit Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip. Dan will be answering the question about their gig in Reading. Thou Shalt Always Kill set in electro beat and the album became an instant hit. The video touched 2 million hits on YouTube. The song also earned the prestigious title of being the most requested song in all eternity. For a Reading boy this was an awesome opening who made it to the record shops at the town center.

Dan’s shift to Reading has changed his life. He moved to Reading in the year 1998. He ran a music scene, a weekly music night in Reading at Afroba and it was named I Bet Ya. The stuck to the music night for three years. On Thursday nights, there would be laptop shenanigans, and it would be great fun commented Dan. But he finally adds that Reading had lacked central focus always. Reading has a little scene, and there was no major venue says, Dan. Little scenes were built around little groups. The scenes are improved with Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip. This Dan called “Samply, hip-hoppy electro-ey poetry.”

SFR040CD-2Scroobius Pip is a large breaded guy who gets into the flow. Thou Shalt Always Kill is a successful hit undoubtedly. Dan then reveals that the track was not even completed when it was sent to John Kennedy. But getting so much attention so early is unbelievable says, Dan. He furthered that it is good to be an unsigned band and still be in a position to do what you love the most in your life. Being in a band is amazing, he recalls that he hasn’t worked for the past few years. Despite the success, Reading is just a call away especially for the title of their debut album.

Initially, they were contemplating to call it Little Death, but the thought was let go as Pete And The Pirates called it Little Death. Again they are from Reading. So it was time to look for a new title. As per the suggestion from John Kennedy they called it Angles. The name was suggested by the person who played them first. Dan is busy the coming season and has not just confined to gigging in Reading. He will be playing at the South Street on April 6. He will also make it to the Reading festival. This will be a live musical night. This will be called Make Do And Mend.

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