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What are Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip doing now? ?>

What are Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip doing now?

What are Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip doing nowThe Last Gig

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip performed their official last concert to end their successful career in 2014 at Bestival. The crowd’s emotion was a thing to be noted even when cheerful songs like ‘The Beat That My Heart Skipped’ was played by the duo. The group of loyal fans reacted strongly to songs like ‘Sick Tonight,’ ‘Get Better’ and ‘You Will See Me.’ Scroob and Le Sac joked among themselves and entertained the crowd while making them sad at the same time as it was their last performance. The gig ended with a majestic rendition of ‘Letter From God To Man’ drawing an end to an amazing career of ten years.

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip at Present

It has been 2 years since the duo parted their ways. Both of the musicians are now concentrating on their solo career and venturing into new fields on their own. Scroob urged fans on their Facebook page not be sad about the spilt as it the intention was always to make 3 albums. He put their solo career as an exciting field that lay ahead to be explored. After the hectic tours and countless shows for 8 – 9 years, they are also looking ahead to keeping fit and staying healthy which was not possible during that time.

Scroobius Pip and his solo music

Scroob has been focusing on radio and podcasting in recent years. His own radio show on XFm ended some time back and his podcast Distraction Pieces won top rank in iTunes. His songs and podcasts try to deal with important issues of life and he tries to bring in lesser known guests who have a wonderful story to share. His radio show won the “best specialist music program” at 2014 Sony Radio Academy Awards. There is also plans to develop a book based on his podcasts. He is also working on a charity record for the British Red Cross called ‘The Long Road.’

Scroob in an interview said he deals with a lot of negativity and also suffers from minor insomnia. He tries to adopt daily exercises, like a couple of reps on a workout bench, which he thinks is required for anyone. His songs also focus on mental health and encourage young people to recognize their own problems.

How did Dan Le Sac And Scroobius Pip Manage It?

The secret to both of their success is their desire to stay fit. They could only put in the hours of hard work they needed due to an exercise and work out regime that made them stay fit both mentally and physically. And that’s a reason they have been able to continue with their performance even today.

Dan Le Sac and his performance

Dan Le Sac recently teamed up with Alana Watson and Joseph Ray as Nero to perform an amazing electronic live show at The Live Stage at Ultra Music Festival in Miami in March 2016. After breaking up from their project he is also started working on a solo album. He is debating about self releasing it without a record label at the moment. Not much word is available from his side, though we know he is trying his best to come up with great work and try to stay fit physically and mentally.

Kill The Wolf – Diverse Techniques Put To Use ?>

Kill The Wolf – Diverse Techniques Put To Use


b-dolan-album-artCheck out all the details you would love to hear on Kill the Wolf. It is a great artwork and was released on July 10, 2015. The record has guest spots from prominent artists like Buck 65, Aesop Rock, Dave Lamb, Kathleen Stubelek and more. If you are in UK or Europe, you can place your order on iTunes or midnight satin vinyl or buy a CD. You get to download instantly. If you are in the US, you can get it on Strange Famous Records and get it on iTunes with a physical lock so you can have all the control. Preview tracks are available at the click of a button.

Kill the Wolf is B Dolan’s latest work is self-produced by him after a long and tedious five years in the making. The album is sure to lift his status in the complex lyricist category and can showcase him as a talented, versatile, dedicated and ambitious producer. He has given a vision to hip-hop trends. The sophomore studio has taken the effort Speech Development and Strange Famous Records features providing a host of supporting talent from various musical backgrounds like Buck 65, Aesop Rock, Alias, Kathleen Stubelek and more.

AJX327-Kill-The-Wolf-Matt-BerryWith such diverse styles, it is easy for the album to go astray but Dolan has taken efforts to keep them intact with his command over the subject. There is no doubt he is an expert conductor. He is responsible for driving the album in the right direction. Kill The Wolf is a feather in the cap for Dolan as it brings what was considered possible by cutting across boundaries. He has used the best of techniques by emerging into a new era of production using live guitars, violins, bass and analog synths. After five years of struggle Dolan emerges to be a winner, this time, stronger than ever.

DVDs On Edinburg Fringe Festival ?>

DVDs On Edinburg Fringe Festival

a51a934ed6e6975040665b12782291aad36796b4Scroobius Pip is known for releasing something new on his birthday and this year is no different. This year would be far more exciting. The Edinburg Fringe show will make it to the marquee this year. A little history is deemed necessary at this point in time. Last year he was invited to conduct 19 shows at the Edinburg Fringe Festival. The festival has the reputation of being a comedy carnival and being a comedy expert this was something he always waited for long. The show was a grand success, with all the 19 shows turning out to be a huge hit, with tickets sold out completely and the reviews positive.

He realized after the 15the show that there was a lot of people wanting to see the show. It was then the idea of filming struck him. He called upon Thomas Cole who was with him since the beginning and also called Theo Davis another cameraman filming at the festival. So August 3, the show will be released. So, for those who have missed this show can find a way to enjoy Pip on DVD. Here the sound is awesome and gives you a closer feel. He wanted to give the DVD release a try. Whether it could tempt people to invest in the DVDs. So he did not stop with the usual and started to film a few extras. So, finally, there will be two DVDs all wrapped up in a special edition pack.


Talking of the extra what if it contains the interview with Tim Key on the maiden Edinburg Fringe experience or words with Musa Okwonga, polarbear or Kate Tempest. The thought of adding music videos for an introduction like The Struggle and Soldier Boy and Let em Come was also in the mind. So this could turn out to be a family affair. The audience can get ready to grab this DVD that is made especially for you.

Sage’s Copper Gone After A Great Struggle ?>

Sage’s Copper Gone After A Great Struggle


Copper-Gone-coverFind Sage Francis “Copper Gone” on Speech Development, exclusively in the UK. It took some time to think about how to make this announcement. After much thought, the back catalogue of Sage will be put together in this announcement. So the next thought that struck was to strike a deal with the webstore. For pre-orders, you will be paying just half the price. The album announcement has to be thought from the fan angle as well. Having borrowed the copies of the first Sage albums and tapes, Pip expected the response to be overwhelming and when the final records hit the stores it was insane.

Once it was done, Pip wanted Alan to hear this. Before putting the records on the shelve, Pip and Alan listened to the tapes repeatedly every word, pause, and even breadth. With more albums of Sage released, the developments were great. Alan had a liking for Personal Journals but left at it. It happens that once you fall for a collection of sings, you would not like to hear anything different. It is common and happens to every fan. So once the Copper Gone was done, and after he had listened, the buzz was insane. It was more like a follow up of Personal Journals and would not have been possible without living in that atmosphere.

By the time Sage turned out to be a good friend of Pip. The record is very personal to him, and he had to go through some tough time to bring it to this level. This may be sad for me as a friend, but again every art has their hurdles. But finally, Pip is happy for Sage as he had overcome his tough times and was able to bring out the record. Pip says he listened to Copper Gone 15 times since Sage sent it to him. Now he wants Alan to hear it.