The Unlikely Ways Pop Stars Relax ?>

The Unlikely Ways Pop Stars Relax


According to research, lawn mowing can actually help relieve stress. It claims that the chemical that is released from the mowed lawn and the smell of the freshly cut grass gives that feeling of happiness and calmness. It may sound unbelievable, but a perfume has been developed to imitate that smell produced by a freshly mowed lawn. Celebrities who would like to relax may want to try mowing their own lawn to destress. This might be a weird way for them to relax, but according to research, it works, so why not give it a try right? Read lawn mower reviews and go purchase one that best fits your lawn maintenance needs! A mower is a whole lot cheaper than therapy sessions!

Speaking of weird ways to relax, there are celebrities who have unlikely methods of eliminating stress and here are some of them.

1. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is one of the stars of the reality TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She has faced several controversies and with the camera always following her around, things could get stressful at times. Aside from working out like a monster, there’s another thing that Khloe does to feel more relaxed and it’s arranging cookies on her cookie jars. If you’re watching the show, you wouldn’t miss the neatly and perfectly arranged cookies that you wouldn’t want to eat because they are just too pretty. She even joked on her site that her being OCD is a blessing and not a disease.

2. David Beckham

Speaking of OCD, this former football player also has this thing that in turn helps him to feel more relaxed. He shared that he liked having things in pair or in straight line. For instance, he would arrange the cans of soda in a fridge, but if he feels that they look too many then he would rearrange the others on a cupboard. Well, that would definitely be a plus for his wife Victoria Beckham since she wouldn’t have to deal with messy things, which by the way, is a problem on most husbands.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

He is a popular actor known for his films including Titanic, The Man in the Iron Mask and The Revenant. With his always busy schedule, you wouldn’t guess the thing that would keep this premiere celebrity stress free. Have any idea yet? It’s bee keeping! Leo started this hobby after being stressed out of all the talks and pressure of the Oscar awards. Although he was proclaimed as the best actor, the expectations of the people could have been very stressful on him. A source said that this hobby helped him clear his mind from all those issues and just stay relaxed. He is even said to have some hives on his garden, which he was personally looking after.

4. Justin Bieber

The Love Yourself and Baby singer is busy with his recordings, guesting, concerts and all other gigs. He’s always under the media’s radar as he is one of the most popular and controversial celebrities of this time. He could be under a lot of stress a lot of times, which could be why he would always go on vacation with friends. Aside from beach trips, he also has some unusual ways of keeping things chill. One is by playing the rubix cube. He’s not just good at it but he’s totally awesome that he could solve it within just a couple of minutes! There’s more. Well, this one is more unlikely as he also sprays paint on walls. He posted a photo on Instagram where he was spray painting a monkey. It was captioned “This is my escape”.

5. Ryan Gosling

He was a former Mickey Mouse Club member who became one of the most favorite leading actors. Some of his movies include The Notebook, Crazy, Stupid, Love and La La Land. He’s the husband of actress Eva Mendes and a father to their two daughters. Between his career and being a family man, a lot of things could be going on in his life and he would need some escape from all the stress from time to time. Good thing he found a hobby that you wouldn’t think a hunk like him would ever be interested on. The actor shared that he likes knitting and that he likes how he could get something out of it and that it could also be given as a present.

These are just some of the stars who confessed to having unlikely ways to relax. Who knows what even weirder things that other celebrities do to destress!

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