What Is The Best Setup For Hip Hop Djs? ?>

What Is The Best Setup For Hip Hop Djs?

Many ask as to what is the best setup for Hip Hop DJ’s? Hip Hop djs are more focused on being traditional and using a complete dj setup while performing in front of audience. They can use DJ controllers for convenience, though it is not preferred by many Hip Hop djs. Their ideal setup includes turntables, mixer and CDJs. These days many DJs are even going digital and controllers like Serato are gaining popularity and acceptance among the Hip Hop circle.

Let usl talk about the perfect setup and the tools that you need for playing Hip Hop tracks in your next gig. Some of the tools may be optional for you depending upon your needs and preferences.

How to make the perfect setup for Hip Hop Dj

The most important things to start with are the turntables, mixer and DVS.

1. Mixer

Most DJ’s will need this. If you are going to use turntables or even CDJs, you will need to go for a good mixer. The kind of mixer required for Hip Hop style differs from other djs, and it is advised that you should go for scratch mixers. Hip Hop involves a lot of scratching which is not similar to a mix dj. To effectively carry out scratch routines, the mixer should have strong cross and line faders. The mixer should also be customizable so that they can integrate high performance faders. You can also consider the battle mixers available in the market.

2. Turntables

Turntables are not just for style statement. When they are successfully paired with DVS, it goes on to create more accurate and quick scratching effects. Using traditional vinyl turntables like Technics can make the audience go crazy, though it may not be very convenient in this digital age. This also brings upon the need of using a sound card. The vinyl turntables are still ruling the stage in Hip Hop and you can consider brands like Vestax, and Stanton.

3. CDJs

If you are using CDJs along with your setup, you need to make sure they are suited for Hip Hop style. You will want the option of manually manipulating with the music coupled with scratching functions. Look for CDJs which come with vinyl mode and digital options to interfere with the music any way you want.

4. DVS

Having a DVS with your turntables saves effort and enhances your performance as a Hip Hop dj. It can give you hands on control on your music and produces effects and mixes that can never be achieved using a laptop or just a turntable. You can do some research on brands though some popular names are Serato and Traktor.

Advantages of this setup

This specific Hip Hop dj setup makes room for flexibility and fast mixing. You can effectively control the cueing of your music as the faders are very light. The setup is very friendly and offers a great experience both to the dj and the audience. If you’re a hip hop DJ and are looking for a good set up, consider this one. It’s easy and it’s affordable.

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